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At Michael Francis Salon and Spa we believe in using the top quality products and most advanced techniques to give you the best possible services.  We are a down to Earth family business who will recommend products and services to best fit your needs so that you can look and feel your best!  Thank you for choosing Michael Francis Salon and Spa, welcome to the family!

Started in 1989 Michael Francis Salon has been pleasing it's clientele for over 25 years!  After being in a plaza setting for over 10 years we decided to move to our current location in an old Victorian era mansion.  With over 4000sqft in space, our salon and spa is very spacious and airy, creating a more relaxing atmosphere so you can enjoy your time at the spa!

Our vision is to empower men and women through looking and feeling their best.  By having the best products and most advanced training, you can rest assured in the services you are receiving.

Our Vision

Our Story

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